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Red dress sets


I went to the mall to return the jeans that I bought. I returned it because the price is too much. I also bought this dress sets for my niece to give for our incoming trip. I was in hurry to left the store that I did not notice there is a clip attached to the dress. I have no clue why the metal did not make a noise when I left the door. I cannot give this to my niece. There is no way that it can taken out. The dress is a size five. I could keep it if it sizes six. It is a holiday dress. It also comes with a doll dress. Next time, I have to make sure to check everything before leaving the mall. I do not like to drive because it is traffic but no choice but to go back.


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My first Victoria’s Secret set of intimates

I went to the mall lasts Monday. I went to four different stores and one is Victoria’s Secret. I had the two coupons and secret rewards that I will redeem with me. One coupon is a $10 off to any brassière. One coupon is free undies. Two secret reward cards are both $10 each. I found the color that I do not have and I picked this gray color. I thought that I could use the free coupon to match with the brassière but it was not. I bought the bra at @28.50 but paid for $18.50. The underwear is $9.50. I use one of the $10 off from my secret reward card. I still save money. I am happy that I have my ever first set of Victoria’s Secret. I wonder when I can use them. Would this be in my collection?

My little girl needs athletic shoes

She has the two athletic shoes that she alternate to wear for school. Those shoes are almost tight on her. She needs a bigger size. I always forget to buy her new pair every time I go to the mall. I like the one that has the velcro strap. She does not need to tie the shoe laces. She is learning to tie the shoe laces. It will take her to tie the shoe laces. She needs a size 12. She has a one size 13 sketcher but it is a little big on her. We will keep that for now. Do you know the store to shop for little girl’s athletic shoes? Where do you buy your kid shoes?