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Bought new dresses from TJ Maxx

It was the reconciliation day of my summer babe that I need to buy new dresses for her occasion. She already have her dress which I bought long time ago when it was one sale. I need new dresses for myself.

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

I went to TJ Maxx which is not far drive from where I live. I really like that store. It helps that I do not need to drive to the mall just to buy a dress. I am looking for something white. I found a white short dress. I also bought this long dress that I cannot resist. They are affordable and does not cost much.

I really love my new dress especially the long dress. I pair my white dress with a black tights and black boots and wear a winter coat. It is spring yet our weather still feel winter especially that Saturday.

Bought a white lace dress for a birthday girl

My little K is invited to attend a birthday party for a little girl. The birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. The birthday celebrant turns eight years old today. I went to Bon-ton and look for a birthday gift for the celebrant. I looked in the clearance section.

 photo whitelacedress.jpg
I found this beautiful white sleeveless lace dress. The original price is $52 but it sale for $38.99. There is also a 50% off at the register. I paid $19.50 for the dress. I think it is not a bad price.

 photo whitelacedressA.jpg

I also bought the same dress for my little K. I cannot resist how beautiful the dress is. You know me I love my little girl to wear dress. I hope that dress will fit to the birthday girl. It is a size M. By the way, the mother of the birthday celebrant lives in my home town as well. We also speak the same dialect. The birthday celebrant is only seven months older than my little girl.

Red dress sets


I went to the mall to return the jeans that I bought. I returned it because the price is too much. I also bought this dress sets for my niece to give for our incoming trip. I was in hurry to left the store that I did not notice there is a clip attached to the dress. I have no clue why the metal did not make a noise when I left the door. I cannot give this to my niece. There is no way that it can taken out. The dress is a size five. I could keep it if it sizes six. It is a holiday dress. It also comes with a doll dress. Next time, I have to make sure to check everything before leaving the mall. I do not like to drive because it is traffic but no choice but to go back.


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