My first Victoria’s Secret set of intimates

I went to the mall lasts Monday. I went to four different stores and one is Victoria’s Secret. I had the two coupons and secret rewards that I will redeem with me. One coupon is a $10 off to any brassière. One coupon is free undies. Two secret reward cards are both $10 each. I found the color that I do not have and I picked this gray color. I thought that I could use the free coupon to match with the brassière but it was not. I bought the bra at @28.50 but paid for $18.50. The underwear is $9.50. I use one of the $10 off from my secret reward card. I still save money. I am happy that I have my ever first set of Victoria’s Secret. I wonder when I can use them. Would this be in my collection?

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