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Beautiful Collector’s Gifts for Mother’s Day

One of the most popular categories of Mother’s Day gifts is collectibles. Collectibles are often quite costly, especially on a tight budget. Mothers love to receive a special piece to add to their collections, especially when they are no longer able to spend the extra money. With the wide range of collectible sets that are available today, there are some popular classics that are sure to bring a smile to mother’s face on her special day.

Precious Moments

 photo precious moments_zps1erb9hub.jpg
Precious moments are perhaps one of the most popular mainstream collectibles. Their popularity means that it is actually easier to obtain these beautiful works of art for lower prices. New pieces tend to sell for quite a bit of money, but used pieces tend to sell for much less at flea markets, yard sales, and auction sites. Since these collectibles are most commonly kept in curio cabinets, they can be found in mint condition; even with the original packaging!

Willow Tree

Willow tree collectibles are perfect for life’s little moments. They are a newer collectible, and are not as old as collections like Precious Moments. However, they are quickly becoming one of the more prevalent choices among new mothers. They are affordable, intimate, and whimsical; a Willow Tree collection can match nearly any decor. These simplistic and modern works of art might depict an affectionate embrace, the joys of a new child, self discovery, and much more. They are absolutely perfect for a new family.

Fine China

Fine china is another collection that mothers are very proud and protective of. China can be incredibly expensive and it is generally only used for special occasions. A small collection would do perfectly for Mother’s Day, such as a tea set for two. One could even purchase some delectable tea to share with his or her mother shortly after she opens her tea set! It is advisable to find pieces of china that compliment the items she already has in her cabinet.

Shopping for a beloved mother might seem hard, but it does not have to be. All one must do is take note of all the items that his or her mother collects. Once that’s done, discover which items she does not currently own, and you have an entire shopping list to choose from for her next Mother’s Day gift!

My summer babe really likes her fur vest

We went to shopping at TJ Maxx for my friend and her daughter’s birthday party. I was looking for clothes for a girl who will turn 12 years old. At the same time, my summer babe also look for clothes. She know her size. She has been my shopping partner. She found this fur vest. I really do not like it for the summer. I told her you can wear that in the fall with a long sleeve. She really likes this fur vest.

She really likes her fur vest

She really likes her fur vest

She also get one for the birthday girl. I also bought the birthday girl shirt and jeans and the fur vest in a size 14. My summer babe that the birthday girl will like the fur vest. I guess she was right. Indeed the birthday girl likes the fur vest.

She really likes her fur vest

She really likes her fur vest

These are some photos of my summer babe with her fur vest. There is one big Elsa balloon from the movie Frozen and of course since she loves that movie too. She is so playful with the balloon and her cake.

Exquisite antique and estate selections

Add to the beauty and value of your collections with a wide variety of elegant estate and antique jewelry, fine china, active and discontinued silverware place setting pieces, Waterford crystal and so much more. Silver holloware in unique designs and shapes include the special-order Gorham sterling silver covered vegetable dish and other Gorham silver as well as Tiffany and other serving bowls and platters, carving sets, candlesticks, pitchers, ornate goblets and other gorgeous items.

There are outstanding amazing finds such as a rare antique Vermeil pitcher depicting a street scene in relief and lovingly preserved from the period between 1828 and 1846.

 photo thumbnail 1_zpsf9sehfmt.jpg

For a wedding, nothing is more desired and appreciated than the ageless elegance of finely crafted magnificent antique and estate engagement and wedding rings with timeless style and grace.

Exclusive antique and estate jewelry collections contain adornments set in silver, gold and platinum in vintage and classic stylings featuring gems such as brilliant diamonds, sapphires and rubies. For something unusual, consider a Chinese enamel bracelet or other hand-crafted jewelry.

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