Bought new dresses from TJ Maxx

It was the reconciliation day of my summer babe that I need to buy new dresses for her occasion. She already have her dress which I bought long time ago when it was one sale. I need new dresses for myself.

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

I went to TJ Maxx which is not far drive from where I live. I really like that store. It helps that I do not need to drive to the mall just to buy a dress. I am looking for something white. I found a white short dress. I also bought this long dress that I cannot resist. They are affordable and does not cost much.

I really love my new dress especially the long dress. I pair my white dress with a black tights and black boots and wear a winter coat. It is spring yet our weather still feel winter especially that Saturday.

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