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Bought new dresses from TJ Maxx

It was the reconciliation day of my summer babe that I need to buy new dresses for her occasion. She already have her dress which I bought long time ago when it was one sale. I need new dresses for myself.

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

I went to TJ Maxx which is not far drive from where I live. I really like that store. It helps that I do not need to drive to the mall just to buy a dress. I am looking for something white. I found a white short dress. I also bought this long dress that I cannot resist. They are affordable and does not cost much.

I really love my new dress especially the long dress. I pair my white dress with a black tights and black boots and wear a winter coat. It is spring yet our weather still feel winter especially that Saturday.

My new winter coat from Victoria’s Secret

It was my 41st birthday last Christmas. Yes! I am a Christmas baby. My husband asks me what do I want for my birthday. I told him that I need a new winter coat. My old winter coat has ripped. He said yes and that I can have a winter coat for my birthday.

birthday wish granted a winter coat that I really need

birthday wish granted a winter coat that I really need

It happened that my favorite online store Victoria’s Secret is having sale on their outer wear. I picked the color that I want and ordered a size Large. I am so happy. My hubby said that i cannot open the package when it arrived in the mail. I have to wait for Christmas morning which I did. I waited patiently after the kids open all their Christmas gifts from Santa. My husband and I opened our gifts for each other.

How about you? Did you exchange gifts with your husband? Did you get something very special?

Gift for my choosy man for the holidays

Do you have a gift ready for the love of your life? What about levis jeans for him. My man is very picky with the jeans he wears. He has few pairs of these jeans, which I think of giving him more pairs for the holidays. It is perfect too because they have it on sale in the Website. I just to sneak and take a look at my waist size he has so I can buy him the perfect size.

It is not winter officially yet but it is very cold already here in my state. I easily feel the chill when I go outside. I need a warm winter coat like woolrich arctic parka . I found a perfect color for me in this Website. Oh! Santa if you can grant my wish. I would be delighted.

These are great ideas for the holidays if you cannot think of anything to give to the love of your life. Do not worry; you still have time to receive them before Christmas. Check out the Website now so you can find great deals at affordable prices. This Website sells only durable but affordable apparel and accessories.