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My flip-flops from Delias


One of my friends shares me the Website from Delias. I am glad that she did. I check it out and bought some coats, accessories and this flip-flop. The weather is been warm lately. I need flip-flops that I could use while outside. I love this design. It has flower which is perfect for spring. It has pink straps too which is my favorite color. I will definitely shop again at Delias. They also give me $25 gift card as a thank you for shopping at their Website. I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays. If you are looking for some bargains, check out for affordable prices.

Got this $50 Kohl’s gift card


I am very happy that it finally arrives in the mail. I was waiting for this for a long time. Do you know where I get this gift card? I got this from my online task. I picked this gift card as I like to shop at Kohl’s. What I am going to use for this? I know I need pajamas. It is too warm to wear my winter pajamas. I think of buying shorts pajamas or maybe lingerie that is perfect for spring. I will use it for myself this time. I always buy for my kids. I need a spring makeover with my pajamas. What about you? How do you use your gift card?

My little girl needs athletic shoes

She has the two athletic shoes that she alternate to wear for school. Those shoes are almost tight on her. She needs a bigger size. I always forget to buy her new pair every time I go to the mall. I like the one that has the velcro strap. She does not need to tie the shoe laces. She is learning to tie the shoe laces. It will take her to tie the shoe laces. She needs a size 12. She has a one size 13 sketcher but it is a little big on her. We will keep that for now. Do you know the store to shop for little girl’s athletic shoes? Where do you buy your kid shoes?