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My flip-flops from Delias


One of my friends shares me the Website from Delias. I am glad that she did. I check it out and bought some coats, accessories and this flip-flop. The weather is been warm lately. I need flip-flops that I could use while outside. I love this design. It has flower which is perfect for spring. It has pink straps too which is my favorite color. I will definitely shop again at Delias. They also give me $25 gift card as a thank you for shopping at their Website. I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays. If you are looking for some bargains, check out Delias.com for affordable prices.

Our brown flip-flops

This is my little girl and my flip-flops. It is about time to let our feet smell the fresh air outside. They been covered by socks for many months. It has been warm here in New York lately. We love our weather. The kids need new slippers. I need to buy them water shoes too if we are going to the beach this year. The ones they had last year is too small on them. I have to shop them new flip-flops. How is the weather in your area? Is it spring already? Tomorrow is the official day of spring. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.


My orange Victoria’s Secret flip-flops

I was cleaning up my daughter’s closet and see this orange flip-flops still wrap in its package. It also comes with green color too. I know that I like to put stuff on her closet especially the ones that she cannot use. I know that it is too cold to wear this flip-flops outside yet. I think I bought last summer and it was for sale. I think a pair is $3.99 if I am not mistaken. I am linking this entry to Orange Tuesday though it is Wednesday now here in America. Do you have an orange to share? You can join us here.