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Exquisite antique and estate selections

Add to the beauty and value of your collections with a wide variety of elegant estate and antique jewelry, fine china, active and discontinued silverware place setting pieces, Waterford crystal and so much more. Silver holloware in unique designs and shapes include the special-order Gorham sterling silver covered vegetable dish and other Gorham silver as well as Tiffany and other serving bowls and platters, carving sets, candlesticks, pitchers, ornate goblets and other gorgeous items.

There are outstanding amazing finds such as a rare antique Vermeil pitcher depicting a street scene in relief and lovingly preserved from the period between 1828 and 1846.

 photo thumbnail 1_zpsf9sehfmt.jpg

For a wedding, nothing is more desired and appreciated than the ageless elegance of finely crafted magnificent antique and estate engagement and wedding rings with timeless style and grace.

Exclusive antique and estate jewelry collections contain adornments set in silver, gold and platinum in vintage and classic stylings featuring gems such as brilliant diamonds, sapphires and rubies. For something unusual, consider a Chinese enamel bracelet or other hand-crafted jewelry.

Click here for detailed descriptions of our offerings and to have the opportunity to place a coming bridal couple into our Bridal Registry to help them accumulate lovely and exceptional gifts to start their lives together in a beautiful way. This is also the chance to start a pattern of china, silverware and crystal for your child or grandchild and make gifts for their birthdays and holidays have a very special future meaning.

My summer babe received this customized bracelet on her 8th birthday

She is one lucky girl as always. Grandma and Grandpa gave her this customized bracelet on her 8th birthday this past summer. I really love the cover of the case. The bracelet has her name on the front. It has also her age on the back part. I love that this bracelet is magnet. It is easy for my summer babe to take on and off.

 photo bracelet_zpsc48ead98.jpg

She loves my charm bracelet. She said she wants one too. I told her to wait on her birthday. It happened that my in-laws ask me on what to get her for her birthday. I said that she wants a charm bracelet. My Mom and Dad gave me the money to buy it for her. This way is it easy for them as well.

 photo braceletA_zpse76590e4.jpg

My family went to the mall that weekend. I went to Things Remembered. I know that in their Website, the bracelet is on sale. I ordered it and come back after 30 minutes to pick it up. We also drop the gift to Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the way home.

 photo braceletB_zps42535ec4.jpg

My Mom called me when we get home. She said that the bracelet is so beautiful. I am glad that I did a great job. I am happy that I can make them happy as well.

 photo braceletC_zps43b9daa4.jpg

Anyway. my summer babe is so happy about this bracelet when she opened it on her birthday. She really like her new bracelet. She is s proud to wear it too even at school. I am scared that she will lost it, so far she is very careful.

We want to say thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for this beautiful customized bracelet.

Precious Stone Removal: It’s More than a Pair of Pliers

Precious stones and minerals often make up the bulk of the value placed on a piece of jewelry. Of course the gold or silver setting may have a monetary value, but it pales in comparison to a three carat diamond that may be installed within a ring or necklace. Removing these stones from defunct settings or ruined jewelry may require knowledge, expertise, a steady hand and the right tools for the job. After all, ripping one of these stones free from a setting using a pair of pliers may ultimately damage it while vastly decreasing the value.

Jewelry is more than just glittering fancy objects to be worn during special occasions. Many owners view it as an investment as well. The slightest imperfection on a stone could decrease its value exponentially depending on its type. As imperfect stones are less sought after, even large and well shaped pieces of stones could be worth less than one dollar per carat. Attempting to remove stones yourself without proper training or tools could ruin your investment.

While you may believe you’re saving money by performing a Do-It-Yourself project while removing precious stones from jewelry settings, you may in fact be decimating the perfection and value of the jewelry. The slightest scratch, divot, or microscopic fracture could render the value of the most expensive of stones to that of costume jewelry. Don’t subject an expensive ring or necklace to a pair of pliers from the trunk of your car and call a specialist in order to learn more about stone and mineral removal procedures.