Precious Stone Removal: It’s More than a Pair of Pliers

Precious stones and minerals often make up the bulk of the value placed on a piece of jewelry. Of course the gold or silver setting may have a monetary value, but it pales in comparison to a three carat diamond that may be installed within a ring or necklace. Removing these stones from defunct settings or ruined jewelry may require knowledge, expertise, a steady hand and the right tools for the job. After all, ripping one of these stones free from a setting using a pair of pliers may ultimately damage it while vastly decreasing the value.

Jewelry is more than just glittering fancy objects to be worn during special occasions. Many owners view it as an investment as well. The slightest imperfection on a stone could decrease its value exponentially depending on its type. As imperfect stones are less sought after, even large and well shaped pieces of stones could be worth less than one dollar per carat. Attempting to remove stones yourself without proper training or tools could ruin your investment.

While you may believe you’re saving money by performing a Do-It-Yourself project while removing precious stones from jewelry settings, you may in fact be decimating the perfection and value of the jewelry. The slightest scratch, divot, or microscopic fracture could render the value of the most expensive of stones to that of costume jewelry. Don’t subject an expensive ring or necklace to a pair of pliers from the trunk of your car and call a specialist in order to learn more about stone and mineral removal procedures.

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