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Bridal Jewelry Sets

When you want to accessorize your formal wedding gown but just do not have enough of a budget left to do so with expensive jewelry, you can find online a large inventory that has a variety of unique and gorgeous pieces that will create the outstanding looks that you are striving for at surprisingly inexpensive prices.

 photo bridal jewelry sets_zps0qwxmjqr.jpg

Your bridal ensemble will sparkle with cubic zirconia necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that can give you a fantastic look for an affordable price and make you feel like the “queen for a day” that you truly are when it comes to the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Here are just a few examples of the elegant selection that is available with budget-friendly price tags.

Formal Bridal Wear Necklaces

Although these beautifully designed necklaces can be used to accessorize your bridal wear, you can later wear them for any special occasion. Many feature faux pearls or rhinestones for a spectacular look.

Elegant Modern Necklace and Earrings Sets

Create an eye-catching jewelry ensemble. Match a formal and unusually pretty necklace with cubic zirconia pierced earrings that have hidden soft plastic backs for your comfort.

Clear Rhinestone Bridal Elegance Set

The necklace is adjustable to 20 inches and has a matching bracelet and earrings.

Multicolor Bangle Bracelets

Dress up your wedding wear with rhinestone and cubic zirconia cuff bangle bracelets. One size fits most, and they snap together for quick and easy wearing. They are unique and are unlike the offerings from any other source.

Cubic Zirconia Rings

The selection of formal cocktail rings look similar to engagement rings and wedding bands if you want to go the inexpensive route at this time with more expensive versions perhaps promised for your anniversary.


This cubic zirconia ring is very formal and elegant and gives a loving message.

For details and pictures of this type of jewelry, visit Formal By Lisa of Youngstown, Ohio, online. See how distinctive and elegant bridal jewelry sets can be at the same time that it is very easy on the budget.

Enreverie is the site to buy the coolest design of earrings

I am not a fan of wearing jewelry. For a reason that I am so clumsy and will lost them. It happened to me many times. The jewelry that I cannot forget to wear is the earrings. I also wear my wedding ring but when am working have to take off as it get stuck in the gloves that I constantly wear and replaced every minutes. I love to wear the loops style earrings but since I am working, it is not proper to wear those kind of styles.

 photo Enreverie Earrings_zpssx8xvslr.jpg

I am so thankful that Enreverie sent me this beautiful Little Black Gun Nickel 40 S&W Bullet Shell Swarovski crystal stud earrings . The size is just perfect. I also pick blue color to match with my scrubs. These earrings are the best design that I wear. It cost $24.99. Though I am scared of holding a gun, the bullet design of the earrings are so unique and so beautiful. I also LOVED the lock of the earrings. It is so secure that there is no doubt that I will lost this earrings. I LOVED that it does not make my ears itchy. I have a very sensitive skin. I highly recommend their products.

 photo Enreverie Earrings A_zpst2vwwmfv.jpg

If you loves guns or any cool designs of earrings and jewelry, why not check out Enreverie . They also offer free shipping in every order. For more information check out their Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram for more updates and promotions.

 photo Enreverie Earrings B_zpswgnvurjx.jpg


I received the earrings free in exchange of my honest review.

I am loving this necklace breast cancer charm sets from Glamulet

One more day and breast cancer awareness month will be over. Until now doctors is still searching for cure for breast cancer. It is a very deadly disease. Sometimes the best cure is to pray for all the survivors and fighters of breast cancer. One way also is to support campaign like from Glamulet . Please do not forget that every purchase of their breast cancer charm, 50% will donated to help fund the breast cancer search. You still can help when you purchase from their website to support Glamulets Breast Cancer Campaign .

 photo glamulet set_zps68gcu21a.jpg

I am fortunate that I received this necklace and breast cancer charm set. It looks so beautiful. I really LOVED it. I am so proud to wear it and think of my eldest sister who is a breast cancer survivor. The necklace is adjustable for desired length. The breast cancer is so pretty in pink. I know that just like me, you will love this necklace and breast cancer charm set.

 photo glamulet set A_zpsar27qtcu.jpg
 photo glamulet set B_zpsahxsfyki.jpg

If you love jewelry and accessories, why not check their website, Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus, Pinterest and You Tube for more information.


I received the necklace and breast cancer charm set for free from being a member of BrandBacker. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 1005 honestly mine.