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My eldest sister Jovy is my family member feature

isn't she beautiful?

She is my half-eldest sister. We both have the same mother. My mother got married to her Muslim dad but they got separated. Why do I feature her? There are so many reasons. She was a teen-mom at a young age. We take care of my niece when she was a baby. She grew up with us. My sister is a cultural dancer in Japan.

when she goes therapy

She is very smart but sometimes life take turn in a wrong way. She got married to a foreigner but they got divorced. Now she is married to a French guy who loves her unconditionally.

My eldest sister was diagnosed with a breast cancer stage one. Luckily with God’s mercy and healing, she is now a breast cancer survivor for three or four years now. She was very strong while undergoing the critical process of her therapy. I think that is how I get my being strong-willed.

I pray to GOD that she will always guide and protect her all the time. She is also my daughter’s God-mother which is just right. People say she is very strict but I would say, get to know the real her. She is just the sweetest sister and friend you can have. I love her to pieces. It does not matter if we are only half-sister. She has been through tough times in her life. She deserves the best. She is my hero and will always be.

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Cheryl Burke Disco Abs

These DVD comes in three works out episodes. This is my favorite out of the three work outs. You can work out and at the same time dancing. I know I am not fat but just to focus on somebody parts of mine. I want to focus on my tummy and thighs. These work out really helps me out. How I wish that I have the courage to do it everyday. The last time I work out is last summer. I know it has been awhile already. Anybody wants to join me toning p their body? I need team mates too. I am linking this entry to Reel Weekends . Do you any favorite movie to share with us? You can join us too.

Work out challenge with friends

This post brought to you by Cafe Well. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I had party with my girl friends last Saturday. I had a blast with them. I hope that this is the beginning of our gathering this year. I like to see them more often. We talk about work out challenge with one another. We all have a family and kids. This is the best year to success.

I told them about Cafe Well. They ask me what it is. We open the Website and check the information. We all agree that we want to do it. One of my friends joined a marathon before. She said this is a great opportunity for us to feel healthy this year. Café Well is the best social network for people to share their achievements about losing weight.

Only member that has a healthamerica can join the Race to the moon. The challenge I want to join is work out challenge with friends. We want to get back to our old body. You can also join the healthy food challenge or office weight loss challenge. I made my choice and that is to stay healthy for my family. I am sure that with all our enthusiasm to stay fit and healthy, no doubt in my mind that my friends and I will be successful in this challenge.

What is good about this challenge is we do it together as a group. We can do these girl friends. I cannot wait to see my self back again. You can join too. All you do is check the Website and register for free. Good luck to everybody and may we stay fit and healthy for us and for our families.

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