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Work out challenge with friends

This post brought to you by Cafe Well. All opinions are 100% mine.

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I had party with my girl friends last Saturday. I had a blast with them. I hope that this is the beginning of our gathering this year. I like to see them more often. We talk about work out challenge with one another. We all have a family and kids. This is the best year to success.

I told them about Cafe Well. They ask me what it is. We open the Website and check the information. We all agree that we want to do it. One of my friends joined a marathon before. She said this is a great opportunity for us to feel healthy this year. Café Well is the best social network for people to share their achievements about losing weight.

Only member that has a healthamerica can join the Race to the moon. The challenge I want to join is work out challenge with friends. We want to get back to our old body. You can also join the healthy food challenge or office weight loss challenge. I made my choice and that is to stay healthy for my family. I am sure that with all our enthusiasm to stay fit and healthy, no doubt in my mind that my friends and I will be successful in this challenge.

What is good about this challenge is we do it together as a group. We can do these girl friends. I cannot wait to see my self back again. You can join too. All you do is check the Website and register for free. Good luck to everybody and may we stay fit and healthy for us and for our families.

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Palmer’s Cocoa sample products that I got in the mail

I am not sure where did I got these products. I know I sign up but do not know what Website. I want to say thank you to the company that sent me these products. I love Palmer’s Cocoa products because I love the smell. It feels so smooth especially the lotion on your body. I was pregnant with my two kids now age eight and five years old, I used their product. I used their lotion to prevent from stretch mark. The product really helps me because I do not have any stretch mark on my both pregnancies. Do you use Palmer’s products? What are your favorites? I am sure that I will use all the products very soon. I started using the lotion when the came mail.

Tips to save time and simplify your beauty routine

1. Pick out your outfit the night before
I did this for my kids and then realized how much time and energy it saved if I did it for myself, too. You don’t have to go for a dramatic new look every day.

2. Let the shower be your iron
Give your look the polish by letting the steam from a hot shower do the ironing for you. Hang your dress or blouse in the bathroom and the hot steam will un-crease the material.

3. Grab go-to basics
Save the trendy options for evening and invest in a midsize classic satchel in a neutral black or tan that will work with everything so you won’t have to transfer all your stuff. Same goes for shoes. Keep some basic black pumps and comfy chic flats every season so you always have an easy workable option at hand.

4. Moisturize in the showerYou can save a step in your routine by using moisturizing body wash in the shower. One bottle of Olay’s Ultra Moisture Body Wash (my fave) has more than a jar of Olay moisturizers within it, so you’ll have no problem making sure your skin is soft and smooth all over.

5. Add a glow without the sun
Instead of using face cream and a separate powder bronzer, you can save a few minutes by mixing a little sunless tan lotion into your face cream for an even application.

6. Make lips shine longer
Before you apply the gloss, cover lips with a base coat of thick balm. Blot lips with a tissue, then outline the lips and fill them in with lip liner. The final step is a layer of gloss that will actually stay on!

7. Create tousles without a curling iron
Shower before you go to bed and section your hair into several mini braids that you can sleep on. In the morning, use your fingers (not a brush) to untangle the braids and you’ll have instant, perfectly imperfect waves.