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Brown face mask for the kids

My husband bought these face mask for his kids. The store is having an outerwear sale. I am glad that he bought two, one for his son and one for his daughter. Buffalo has a crazy weather. I know that our winter is mild but there are times that it is bone chilling outside. The kids use these face mask when they play outside the snow, make snowman and sledding. The face mask surely protects their faces from the chills. My husband spends time with his kids outside. I stay inside while watching them having fun in the snow. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.

How to keep our face beautifully

A woman tends to have a beautiful face when they are young. We use different beauty products to keep our face beautifully. As we grew older, we see the changes of our face. Sometimes we cover our flaws with the beauty products that we use. We cover it with heavy make-up or any cosmetics. Yet still the flaws are still visible. We cannot do anything about it physically. We needed that magic especially if you are going for a vacation.

Are you going for a vacation in Australia? Do you know that botox in Port Melbourne is the number one clinic in port Melbourne that does this painless procedure? If you happen to live in Victoria, Australia, your answer is in your way. They have the best service in the city. It is easy to schedule for an appointment too. You can call with no obligation or book online. They will do everything to make your face beautiful again and enjoy being you. We deserve to feel beautiful despite our age. Beauty comes in different age. Thank you to this service for fixing the flaws you have.

My purple dumbbells

My husband bought these purple dumbbells last year. I like to work out a lot. I want to have a firm muscle especially on my skinny arms. I just could not find the courage to do it again. I like these dumbbells because of its color. This dumbbell only weighs five-pound each. It is very light but a great way to pump these skinny arms of mine. Do you like to work out too? What is your favorite part of the body to target to trim? I am linking this entry to Crazy over Purple Saturdays. Do you have any purple to share? You can join us here.