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How I wish I could wear this sexy lingerie that my husband gave me

It was a birthday gift from my husband. It is very sexy lingerie. I like it but how I wish I still have the body to show it to him. I could probably wear it when we first met. Back then I do not have a gut yet. I am still lucky that my stomach is stretch marks free beside giving birth normally to two kids. I could not show the picture of the lingerie because it is very sexy. I do not know what he thinks with that gift. Men loves fantasy but too bad I also have my monthly period. Maybe it will give me a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight but I doubt it.

Having problem with your surgery

Beauty sometimes has a price. There are times that we need surgery to fix our body. Sometimes we need it to make us look better. There are people who borne beautiful inside and out. The only thing that makes us complete is by surgery. What if the surgery did not turned out the way you want. Where do you want to turn to? Who will help you? The agents here are here to help you fight for your rights. The doctor’s need to pay of the damaged you did to you. Thankfully, with this service you can get the help you needed most. You can contact them for more information.

Belt that is stretchable

I love to wear jeans. I love the way it fits to my body. My only problem is they get down. My husband thinks that I do have hips. I think he is right, sad to say. My skin is very sensitive. I am looking for a belt that is stretchable and does not leave a mark on my stomach. Do you think there is a somewhat that belt? I do not want somebody to see my bum that is why I need a belt. Do you wear belt? What type of material it is?