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My eldest sister Jovy is my family member feature

isn't she beautiful?

She is my half-eldest sister. We both have the same mother. My mother got married to her Muslim dad but they got separated. Why do I feature her? There are so many reasons. She was a teen-mom at a young age. We take care of my niece when she was a baby. She grew up with us. My sister is a cultural dancer in Japan.

when she goes therapy

She is very smart but sometimes life take turn in a wrong way. She got married to a foreigner but they got divorced. Now she is married to a French guy who loves her unconditionally.

My eldest sister was diagnosed with a breast cancer stage one. Luckily with God’s mercy and healing, she is now a breast cancer survivor for three or four years now. She was very strong while undergoing the critical process of her therapy. I think that is how I get my being strong-willed.

I pray to GOD that she will always guide and protect her all the time. She is also my daughter’s God-mother which is just right. People say she is very strict but I would say, get to know the real her. She is just the sweetest sister and friend you can have. I love her to pieces. It does not matter if we are only half-sister. She has been through tough times in her life. She deserves the best. She is my hero and will always be.

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