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My first Victoria’s Secret set of intimates

I went to the mall lasts Monday. I went to four different stores and one is Victoria’s Secret. I had the two coupons and secret rewards that I will redeem with me. One coupon is a $10 off to any brassière. One coupon is free undies. Two secret reward cards are both $10 each. I found the color that I do not have and I picked this gray color. I thought that I could use the free coupon to match with the brassière but it was not. I bought the bra at @28.50 but paid for $18.50. The underwear is $9.50. I use one of the $10 off from my secret reward card. I still save money. I am happy that I have my ever first set of Victoria’s Secret. I wonder when I can use them. Would this be in my collection?

My flip-flops from Delias


One of my friends shares me the Website from Delias. I am glad that she did. I check it out and bought some coats, accessories and this flip-flop. The weather is been warm lately. I need flip-flops that I could use while outside. I love this design. It has flower which is perfect for spring. It has pink straps too which is my favorite color. I will definitely shop again at Delias. They also give me $25 gift card as a thank you for shopping at their Website. I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays. If you are looking for some bargains, check out for affordable prices.

How to save while shopping at Bloomingdales

As a mom of two kids shopping outfits for them cost a lot of money. They both grow up so fast that they need new outfits. My son needs new pants. I just bought him many pairs last year. There are holes on them already. Boys are really not careful with what they wear. My daughter needs new shirts and also new spring clothing. I am happy that there are Deals at Bloomingdales that helps me saves on what to buy for my kids. I love their designs too; they are too adorable to wear for my kids. The materials are durable too which I am happy about. I shop at Bloomingdales before and cannot wait to shop at their Website soon.

Do you know that Savings with coupon codes like from this Website saves you more money? All you need is to apply the code before you check out. Make sure that you do not forget to include the codes. Since I am not working, this will makes my husband happy that I save a lot of money from buying our kids outfits. I also need to buy them winter clothing and accessories for next season. I am thankful that I found this Website. What about you? Do not you want to save some money on your shopping too? Please check it out here. It is easy to shop and use the coupon codes. You will be surprise of the savings you made just from shopping through the computer. It saves you gas too especially that the gas prices are increasing most of the state.