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Free underwear from Victoria’s Secret

I always received a coupon in the mail about free underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Who does not wants free? I am sure that everybody does, right? I am not sure how many free underwear that I redeem free from Victoria’s Secret. I have not worn any one of my freebies. Most underwear that I redeem is red in colors. I am glad that I got a brown this time.


I love the style too. It is bikini and my favorite too. It is different and I love the feel of it too. Do you receive free coupons from Victoria’s Secret too? I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.


Our bowling shoes


The family went bowling last weekend for the first time. I have a coupon that I got from my son’s party that he attended last year. I think I save money than paying it individually. These are the shoes that the family wears when we played bowling. The sizes are size ten for husband, size seven for my, size three for my son and size 12 for my daughter. Aren’t we look fashionable on our bowling shoes? They are so comfy to wear too. It does not skid on the floor. It makes me smile that I get to wear this bowling shoes when you play bowling only.

Received my free swim tote bag from Victoria’s Secret


One of my journal friends shared the link about a free coupon of swim tote bag. All you need is to buy any item from Victoria’s Secret swim category from their Website. I am a fan of Victoria’s Secret. I checked out the Website and when the code will expire. I ordered a pink swim top and included a code to get this free swim tote bag. My order came but it was a wrong item. Thank you to their friendly customer service. She sent me a new swim tote bag. I am happy that it came in today’s mail. What is my verdict? I love the tote bag. I love the multi colors. I love that it is spacious. I could use this as a beach bag. You can also use this as a travel bag. You could also use it as a diaper bag if you have a baby. I think this is my 3rd free tote bag from Victoria’s secret.