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My summer babe’s reconciliation outfit for the church

We are all very excited for our summer babe’s reconciliation at the church in a couple of weeks. I attended the retreat with her as one of the church requirements. I cannot wait to see her doing her reconciliation with some of the kids from church.

 photo reconciliation outfit A_zps9hxgy84x.jpg

I bought her a white sleeveless dress. I also found a long sleeve top to cover. I think it is still chilly during March. I also bought her a headband and tights to cover her legs. I cannot wait to see her wear her reconciliation outfit. I am sure that she will look beautiful. I also bought a shoes that go with her outfit.

 photo reconciliation outfit_zpsxsgi8sct.jpg

My summer babe is growing up so fast. I am so glad that we get to see her on this very special day. I think church is different today. My son never experience having a reconciliation but he went to confession right away.

She loves this crochet shirt

I brought my kids to TJ Maxx after my son had a haircut. The store is only one close door distance from the saloon. This is my first time for my kids to visit their store. I have been in the store twice now.

 photo crochet shirt_zpsqqofbojj.jpg

I love the store. They sell designer clothes that are affordable in prizes. They also sell famous brand that cost a fortune. They sell clothes, shoes, home and others. I went to the girls section. My little girl found this crochet shirt in size 7/8.

We tried it in the fitting room. It fits her really well. I told her that she will not wear next year. I think we should get a bigger size. Unfortunately, there is no same shirt that is in the clearance section. We bought this shirt instead. It cost $10 and the little girl is very happy. She starts to have her own fashion style already. She is only eight years old.

My new winter coat from Victoria’s Secret

It was my 41st birthday last Christmas. Yes! I am a Christmas baby. My husband asks me what do I want for my birthday. I told him that I need a new winter coat. My old winter coat has ripped. He said yes and that I can have a winter coat for my birthday.

birthday wish granted a winter coat that I really need

birthday wish granted a winter coat that I really need

It happened that my favorite online store Victoria’s Secret is having sale on their outer wear. I picked the color that I want and ordered a size Large. I am so happy. My hubby said that i cannot open the package when it arrived in the mail. I have to wait for Christmas morning which I did. I waited patiently after the kids open all their Christmas gifts from Santa. My husband and I opened our gifts for each other.

How about you? Did you exchange gifts with your husband? Did you get something very special?