My summer babe’s reconciliation outfit for the church

We are all very excited for our summer babe’s reconciliation at the church in a couple of weeks. I attended the retreat with her as one of the church requirements. I cannot wait to see her doing her reconciliation with some of the kids from church.

 photo reconciliation outfit A_zps9hxgy84x.jpg

I bought her a white sleeveless dress. I also found a long sleeve top to cover. I think it is still chilly during March. I also bought her a headband and tights to cover her legs. I cannot wait to see her wear her reconciliation outfit. I am sure that she will look beautiful. I also bought a shoes that go with her outfit.

 photo reconciliation outfit_zpsxsgi8sct.jpg

My summer babe is growing up so fast. I am so glad that we get to see her on this very special day. I think church is different today. My son never experience having a reconciliation but he went to confession right away.

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