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A leather jacket given by her cousin from the Philippines

Nine days ago, I came back from my three weeks vacation from my native country, the Philippines. I had an amazing time with my family, relatives and some friends. Though the flight was very long and baggage left behind, I still had enjoyed my vacation.

My niece gave this leather jacket to my daughter. I was surprised that it fits perfectly on her. She looks good wearing it too. My niece said that she seldom wear clothes for the cool weather. This leather jacket is perfect where we lived.

Finally she wear her Christmas sweater dress

I bought this sweater dress for my Summer Babe so she can wear it during Christmas. Finally she wear it three days before Christmas. She does not like to wear dress anymore.

 photo Christmas sweater dress_zps2myue14r.jpg
We both went to see Santa Claus at the park so she can drop her Christmas wish list so as her brother. She even can talk to Santa Claus about her Christmas wish. She also can have photos of next to Santa. I am so glad she wear it. This Mama is very happy.

How about you? Does your little girl likes to wear dress?

3 Dresses that Will Never Go Out of Style

One of the funnest things about being a female is being able to unapologetically wear dresses that reflect a mood or convey a particular feeling. The array of dress styles continues to grow as designers become more creative, but there are some dress styles that will remain classic no matter the decade or latest fashion trend. Even better, many of these evergreen styles continue to be considered fashionable dresses, especially when available in a certain color or fabric.

 photo dresses_zpsjclff5vz.jpg
Here are three dress styles that will never go out of style.

The Evening Dress

Worn for formal occasions, the variety of evening dress choices are numerous. Filtering through the choices becomes easier when the exact event-type is determined. Is it a black-tie event? Is it a semi-formal event? Is it a social function held in the evening, but with a more relaxed dress code? Based on the event-type, the length of the evening dress can be chosen. Then, the boldness of the color. Lastly, will the dress include embellishments? The evening dress is a wonderful opportunity to take sophistication, elegance and class to a new level, particularly if these events are not a regular occurrence in your life.

The Maxi Dress

Long in length, and usually light in fabric-type, the maxi dress provides maximum comfort. Perfect for running errands during the warmer months or as a cover up when heading to the beach, this dress exudes minimalist chic with minimal effort. The maxi dress, thanks to its simplicity, can easily be dressed up with accessories, like a pair of wedge heels, tote bag and sunglasses. Usually sleeveless, some maxis can be found with short sleeves or thicker straps for some coverage around the shoulders. When the neckline is low, consider topping off the ensemble with a bold necklace.

The Mini Dress

The heyday of the mini dress probably took place in the 60s when they were boldly designed to go as short as possible. Since then, some inches have been added to this classic with other additions, including pockets, fun sleeves and peak-a-boo hemlines. Some mini styles dare to hug all of its wearer’s curves while others keep it playful with a loose symmetric fit. No matter how this dress is worn, its ultimate accessory is confidence.

Dresses can be elegant, flirty or comfy. No matter the style, wear them with conviction.