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New summer outfits for my summer babe

My summer babe is complaining that her shorts are getting small on her. The weather has been warm for the past weeks except this week where it is back to being cold. She outgrown her summer outfits last year. She needs new summer outfits. She said she needs short shopping.

New summer outfits for my summer babe from TJ Maxx

New summer outfits for my summer babe from TJ Maxx

My hubby said that we are short of money. I told him that I will roll the coins. I will deposit it to the bank and used money. I went to TJ Maxx after rolling the coins. I spent all the money to buy my kids summer outfits. I bought my summer babe shorts, tanks, skirts and undies. She is very thankful and very happy.

I need a new headphone

I do have a headphone but it so little. I need a new headphone for myself. My kids ruin their headphones. They also needed new headphones.

I hate to listen to my kids when they are playing with games in their gadget. I cannot concentrate looking for deals online when they are loud. They needed new summer outfits. Most of their clothes are too small for them to wear this year. How I wish I have this headphone amp review so I can listen to music or watch a video after doing shopping online.

Bought new dresses from TJ Maxx

It was the reconciliation day of my summer babe that I need to buy new dresses for her occasion. She already have her dress which I bought long time ago when it was one sale. I need new dresses for myself.

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

My new dresses from TJ Maxx

I went to TJ Maxx which is not far drive from where I live. I really like that store. It helps that I do not need to drive to the mall just to buy a dress. I am looking for something white. I found a white short dress. I also bought this long dress that I cannot resist. They are affordable and does not cost much.

I really love my new dress especially the long dress. I pair my white dress with a black tights and black boots and wear a winter coat. It is spring yet our weather still feel winter especially that Saturday.