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Received a Kohl’s rewards card

I love to go shopping at Kohl’s. I go shopping in the store or online. The traffic drives me nuts if I drive to the store. I seldom drives there but usually I shop online. I am very surprise that I received this Kohl’s reward card. I thought I have a new credit card from them.


This card will help me earn points that I can exchange in the future. I have to show this rewards card every time I shop in the store. This is like a bonus for being a shopping at Kohl’s. I do like their clothes especially for my kids. They have adorable designs. The prices are cheap too. I get to use coupons which help me save money.

I want to say thank you to Kohl’s for this reward card that they sent me. I know I will continue to shop at Kohl’s. It does not matter if I do have a reward card from them. What about you? Do you shop at Kohl’s too? I hope that you will receive a reward card too.

My first Victoria’s Secret set of intimates

I went to the mall lasts Monday. I went to four different stores and one is Victoria’s Secret. I had the two coupons and secret rewards that I will redeem with me. One coupon is a $10 off to any brassière. One coupon is free undies. Two secret reward cards are both $10 each. I found the color that I do not have and I picked this gray color. I thought that I could use the free coupon to match with the brassière but it was not. I bought the bra at @28.50 but paid for $18.50. The underwear is $9.50. I use one of the $10 off from my secret reward card. I still save money. I am happy that I have my ever first set of Victoria’s Secret. I wonder when I can use them. Would this be in my collection?

Got this $50 Kohl’s gift card


I am very happy that it finally arrives in the mail. I was waiting for this for a long time. Do you know where I get this gift card? I got this from my online task. I picked this gift card as I like to shop at Kohl’s. What I am going to use for this? I know I need pajamas. It is too warm to wear my winter pajamas. I think of buying shorts pajamas or maybe lingerie that is perfect for spring. I will use it for myself this time. I always buy for my kids. I need a spring makeover with my pajamas. What about you? How do you use your gift card?