Am I the only one who does not want to eat if I have a period?

I do not like to eat. All I want is take a nap when I have my period. Is this normal? I know some women have different emotions when they have their monthly period. I am glad too that I did not suffer any menstrual pain just like last month. I for once will enjoy my period. I have heavy period. What about you? What are your feelings when you have your period?

Preparing my little girl’s lunch

My husband and I decided to pack my little girl’s lunch for her. I do not want her to buy lunch at school. I notice that her dairy allergy is started to stop little but little. I hope that one day she is not allergic to milk anymore. She has the dairy products allergy and peanut since she was a year old. She is five years old now and dairy allergies start to go away. The reason I will make her own lunch because the teachers and lunch monitors are afraid to get her anything that she is not sure if she has reactions or not. My little girl is very excited to bring her own lunch at school. She is getting so big and very independent.

Pink blow hair dryer

I am very amazed how pretty my hair dresser’s blow hair dryer is. I love it because it is pink. It reminds me of breast cancer patients for the month of October. I plan to give my hair for a breast cancer survivor in the other saloon. My husband did not know my plan. He schedule a hair appointment in another saloon. I think next time I will give my hair. I do not have problem growing my hair. It grows like a weed.