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To douche or not to douche is your own choice

Growing up I never use deuce after my menstrual period. I know that there are products to use to wash your private parts. I learned it when I came to America. It took me awhile to include it in my routine. I feel uneasy using it for the first time. Now I am using it after my menstrual period is over. It feels so fresh after using it. Do you use deuce or no? There are many kinds of deuce. I use the sensitive as my skin is.

Am I the only one who does not want to eat if I have a period?

I do not like to eat. All I want is take a nap when I have my period. Is this normal? I know some women have different emotions when they have their monthly period. I am glad too that I did not suffer any menstrual pain just like last month. I for once will enjoy my period. I have heavy period. What about you? What are your feelings when you have your period?