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Keep your body in shape with Slim-Fast

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I exchanged my Slim-Fast coupon in our local store that I got in the mail. There are four bottles of shakes in one bag. I have the five coupons and I ended 20 shakes together. There are five different flavors too. It has 80-90 calorie which is great. It keeps you full for four hours. It has the complete vitamins and nutrients too. I thought that I will not like it but I was wrong. I drink two bottles already. Parties are coming and foods are all over. You should drink Slim-Fast first before going to the party. I am linking this to Yummy Sunday .

How to keep the beer gut out from having to our men

I was watching Dr. Oz show yesterday. There is a segment about the beer gut. These are the ways to keep the beer gut out from our men. First, make sure our men drink dark beer. It has the small calories than the light beer. Make sure that when they eat barbeque they use hot sauce. When they are having snacks with their beer, pistachio is the best partner for the beer. I notice that my husband’s beer gut is getting huge. He missed working for almost two months. He is not getting exercise as he must thank working. Does your man has a beer gut? What do you think of these tips? Please let me know if it works on your men. Let us keep our men healthy.

Preparing my little girl’s lunch

My husband and I decided to pack my little girl’s lunch for her. I do not want her to buy lunch at school. I notice that her dairy allergy is started to stop little but little. I hope that one day she is not allergic to milk anymore. She has the dairy products allergy and peanut since she was a year old. She is five years old now and dairy allergies start to go away. The reason I will make her own lunch because the teachers and lunch monitors are afraid to get her anything that she is not sure if she has reactions or not. My little girl is very excited to bring her own lunch at school. She is getting so big and very independent.