Hello short hair

Finally I went to the saloon and had a hair cut. I finally cut my long to short hair. It feels great that I do not need to pony tail my hair. I do no have the problem with short hair. I know that it will grow long again. My hair grows fast. I always like short hair. it is easy to keep up. The hair dresser did a wonderful job cutting my hair. She even asks me if I really want a short hair. She said I have a healthy hair. I paid $22 which includes $5 tip that I gave to her. She was a nice woman and I like her.

Back to my favorite lotion

Back in the Philippines, I use this lotion for my body. I like the way ti feels to my skin. I like the result too. Now that I live in America, my skin is so scaly. it is sad but i guess because of the temperature changing. I finally give up and bought the lotion that gives me smooth skin. I like this lotion. From now no more cheap lotion products. It is the best lotion for my body.

How to get rid of dandruff

I am tired of this dandruff on my head. It is very itchy. I do not how many dandruff shampoos I used just to find out the best solution to get rid f this thing. Do any of you have dandruff? Or is it me? What kind of shampoo do you use? Does anybody have suggestion, please do share them as I need it very badly.