Sponge Bob new earrings for my little girl

M little girl had her first earrings when she was three days shy on her first birthday. She is complaining recently that her ears hurt. She wants to change her old earrings. We went to Wal-Mart where she had her ears pierced. I let her choose what kind of earrings does she wants. She picked Sponge Bob earrings. I guess Sponge Bob is one of her cartoons favorite to watch with her big brother. She likes her new Sponge Bob earrings. I was 11 or 12 years old when I had my ears pierced. Does your little girls’ ear pierced? How old is she when she had her first earrings?

My kids love music

I am blessed that my kids love to play music. They have instruments in our home that they can practice. The only thing is missing is the banjo in their collections. We need this instrument so they can practice too. My wish for them are to have talents when they grow up. I know they have looks but it is not enough. I never know that they will join for any recital when they grow up, right? I know that their female cousins play instrument. She even plays it in front of them every time we visit her. I never have the chance to play any instrument when I was kid. I cannot wait for my kids to play any instrument in front of the stage someday. What about you? Do any of your kids like to play music? Do you have plans to enroll them to a music school?

Simply beautiful silver bracelet rescue bands


I was not around when this beautiful bracelet rescue bands was delivered in our home. I was in the Philippines for a three-week vacation that time. My husband received it for me. It was not opened until I got home.


I am very happy when I opened the mail. It was package carefully. I am very excited to wear it. I have a tiny wrist that wearing real bracelets or jewelry will not fit in my wrist. I do not know how many times I lost or drop my bracelet. This rescue band is beyond perfect for me. What do I like this rescue bands? I love the silver color. I always like a light color. I guess because I am born with brown skin. I also love the turquoise colored venetian glass beaded in the front. The rescue band is so adjustable which has a cord lock closure on the back.


This rescue band is hand-made in USA. Their business is located in Tampa Florida. You can check it out if you live close by. You can also check their Website for more beautiful designs of rescue bands. I wanted to say thank you to rescue bands for giving me a free sample of this product. It looks beautiful in my wrist.

I want to share how beautiful this rescue bands to Blue Monday. What do you friends of this rescue bands?