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My kids love music

I am blessed that my kids love to play music. They have instruments in our home that they can practice. The only thing is missing is the banjo in their collections. We need this instrument so they can practice too. My wish for them are to have talents when they grow up. I know they have looks but it is not enough. I never know that they will join for any recital when they grow up, right? I know that their female cousins play instrument. She even plays it in front of them every time we visit her. I never have the chance to play any instrument when I was kid. I cannot wait for my kids to play any instrument in front of the stage someday. What about you? Do any of your kids like to play music? Do you have plans to enroll them to a music school?

How to have a clear music on the run way

Do you like to dance while you are on the run way? Perhaps singing to the back ground music? Do you wonder why the back ground music from the fashion show is so clear? It is because of the audio buddy the management use. How I wish we have this sound system back I was in my home town. I am sure that it is fun dancing with my friends.

You can also use this on your computer too. It is great to use to hear the music so clear while you are online. Are you looking for ways to make the sound of your computer better? You should check the Website for the music and accessories too.

Jennifer Hudson showing off her new body

I am amazed how sexy she is. She was heavy when she was in American Idol. She is now an endorser of a weight loss program. I love her voice too. She looks so pretty in this metallic mini dress and sparkling platform heels. This was at a music awards. She is such an inspiration especially for gig obese people. Do you like her? Did you her at American Idol? Did you voted for her to while she was in that show?