My little soccer girl

My little girl loves to play any sports. She is one pretty and sporty girl of mine. She inherits the beauty and the athletic from her Daddy. I know that she is only five years old for now. I cannot wait when she starts to play soccer at school. I want to make a custom soccer balls if she wins her first soccer game. I am very excited just to think of it happens in the future. Do your kids love to play soccer? You can check out this Website on how to save the soccer balls they played. She also likes to watch the London 2012 Olympics, and soccer is one of her favorite to watch on TV.

Bogo shoes buy one take 50% off

Photobucket I bought these shoes before our trip to the Philippines. I bought this at a shoe store close to where we live. These are Bogo shoes that were in promo when I bought it. You can buy one and take 50% off to any Bogo shoes. These shoes were on sale for $28. I only paid $14.99 plus 50% for the other pair. They both are in gold colors. What I love about the shoes is? They are so comfortable to wear. I have not worn the high heels yet. The flat shoes on the right I wear them back in the Philippines when I went to church. I also wear it an hour ago when I hear church. I am not fan of wearing high heels but this shoe is so light to wear. I only stand at 5’4” yet I am the tallest of all my friends I think. I am linking this entry to Great finds Sunday.

A beautiful place to relax

Summer is a perfect season to relax and enjoy the vacation. It is a perfect season to relax after a commercial shooting. This is also the best season to enjoy the beauty of the beach. Staying in a hotel especially a luxurious hotel can cost a lot of money. Why not look for a place like south carolina beach rentals for you to enjoy and save the money while in vacation or maybe filming. During my vacation in the Philippines, my little girl and I stayed at a hotel where there is a hotel. It did not cost much. There was a promotion when we stayed at the hotel. I am sure that I could save more if we rent a place near the beach. Unfortunately, my niece did not find one for me and my little girl.