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Where to buy for beautiful jewelry like rings for Christmas

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Are you getting married? Do you want to propose to your girl friend? Tungsten rings are your best choices of that special occasion in your life. I am sure that she will say yes when she sees how beautiful her ring is. They also have on sale of rings in the Website. You have to make sure you have the beautiful rings for her. I know that with your love for her and the beautiful rings your relationship will move to the next chapter. I wish you both luck and enjoy your beautiful rings.

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A simple DIY mummy costume for my son

Guest post written by Penny Simpson

My husband is always laughing at me because I’m always working on one DIY craft project or another. That’s just how I like to spend my time and I tell him that this way I actually spend a lot of money on some of the things around the house. I especially love to do that for my Halloween costumes and decorations. So I’m hard at work on doing that right now.

I looked online with my wireless internet Portland to find all kinds of ideas about what I could do with that. I found so many cute ideas, but then again it’s my kids that are wearing these costumes and not me so I have to get them approved with my kids first.

I found this really simple mummy costume that was just perfect though, so I’m working on making that for my daughter. She hates dressing up as princesses and things like that so when I showed her the picture of that costume, she decided that’s what she wanted to be for Halloween. I’m almost finished with the costume and it’s turning out even better than the picture online!

Bought a sports coat

My husband bought a sports coat lasts week at the mall. He really needed it to buy one. We have to attend his parent’s wedding anniversary. Everybody wants to look formal. He looks good on his new sports coat. We bought it on Macy, the store just for men’s need.