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My summer babe’s new outfit she received on her 8th birthday

Almost a month ago we celebrated our summer babe’s 8th birthday. She was very happy that most of her friends celebrated her pool birthday party. She also received many gifts from my friends. She received toys, gift cards, bracelet and crafts. I love that outfits that I gave for her. I know that she does not like to receive clothes. She needs new outfits when she goes to third grade.


new outfit for my summer babe

new outfit for my summer babe

These are her new outfits. I gave her three sets of short, skort and shirts. She also receive a long dress and tights that she can wear it when we go to church in chilly days. She already wear the short, skorts and shirts in school but not the dress and tights.

How about you? Do you buy your little girl outfits on her birthday too?

Bought a white lace dress for a birthday girl

My little K is invited to attend a birthday party for a little girl. The birthday party is tomorrow afternoon. The birthday celebrant turns eight years old today. I went to Bon-ton and look for a birthday gift for the celebrant. I looked in the clearance section.

 photo whitelacedress.jpg
I found this beautiful white sleeveless lace dress. The original price is $52 but it sale for $38.99. There is also a 50% off at the register. I paid $19.50 for the dress. I think it is not a bad price.

 photo whitelacedressA.jpg

I also bought the same dress for my little K. I cannot resist how beautiful the dress is. You know me I love my little girl to wear dress. I hope that dress will fit to the birthday girl. It is a size M. By the way, the mother of the birthday celebrant lives in my home town as well. We also speak the same dialect. The birthday celebrant is only seven months older than my little girl.

Colorful hair chalk pens

My husband’s grand-daughter received these hair chalk pens last Christmas Eve party at one of my in-law’s house. They flew back to Florida yesterday after their two weeks winter break vacation here in New York. I gave these hair chalk pens to her daughter before she left yesterday. She said that she wants to give it her little sister and she can play with them.

hair chalk pens

The little girl showed these hair chalk pens to me. She taught that her niece M left her chalk pens. I told her that her big sister gave it to her. She was very happy. She then asks me to use it in her hair. These hair chalk pens are safe and easy to use. All you do is make sure your hair is combed. You can apply the hair chalk pens on your hair. They are washable. There are pink, purple, blue, green and orange. The little girl hair has a dark hair. She used the purple on her hair.

hair chalk pens

What do you think of her new hair? This little girl of mine likes anything new. I let her play with hair chalk pens because she is having fun.