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Wear sweats or sneakers PARP Spirit Week

PARP stands for Parents As Reading Partners which the little K’s school is having. The school spirit week last week was fun. This week is called the PARP Spirit Week. The Wednesday theme is you can wear sweats or sneakers.

Wednesday's PARP Spirit Week's theme is wear sweats

I put these pink sweat pants that matches her pink jacket. She always bring sneakers with her at school. The sneaker is in her backpack inside. She is wearing boots as it is snowing outside. She wears her sneakers when she is inside her classroom.

I think she looks pretty in her sweat outfits. What do you think. I also put a ponytail on her bangs so her small face will show. I am sure that she will take off the pony tail when she gets home. She does not like anything to do with her hair.

Thank you for the boots my dearest friend

A journal friend of mine sent me this beautiful boots from Lugz. I want to say thank you to Miss M for her kindness and generosity. The boots are beautiful. I like the design. I like the material too. It came before Valentine’s Day. I want to say thank you Miss M for my advance Valentine’s Day. It is very sweet of you.

Thank you Miss M for this beautiful boots

The boots make me a bit taller. I like the two laces too. I like this boots so very much. I try it once and it fits perfectly. I cannot wait to wear it more. I hope the snow will melt soon so I can wear it. I do not want to ruin it with the snow. I do have snow boots. This boots are perfect for the chilly weather. It is perfect to wear to go for a walk as well. It is perfect to wear while exploring the nature.

Thank you Miss M for this beautiful boots
Thank you Miss M for this beautiful boots

I am very blessed to know Miss M. I hope to meet her and her family someday. She is very helpful. I awe this beautiful boots from. May God bless you more with bountiful blessings everyday that will come into your family.

Rocking my Mom’s red shoes

I bought these red shoes yesterday at Wal-Mart to go with my Halloween costume that you can read here . My little girl loves to wear shoes. She prefers high heel shoes. She is definitely different from her Mommy.

wearing my Mommies red shoes
My little girl is a typical girl just like other little girl who loves to wear their Moms shoes. She asks me if she can try to wear my shoes. I said yes and please be careful. This is her striking a pose with my shoes. She even asks me how old is she when she starts to wear high heel shoes. I told her that Mommy wear high heel shoes when I went to college. I was 17 years old that time. I guess this little girl of mine is way different and advance from her Mommy.

How about you? Does your little girl try to wear your shoes too?