Rocking my Mom’s red shoes

I bought these red shoes yesterday at Wal-Mart to go with my Halloween costume that you can read here . My little girl loves to wear shoes. She prefers high heel shoes. She is definitely different from her Mommy.

wearing my Mommies red shoes
My little girl is a typical girl just like other little girl who loves to wear their Moms shoes. She asks me if she can try to wear my shoes. I said yes and please be careful. This is her striking a pose with my shoes. She even asks me how old is she when she starts to wear high heel shoes. I told her that Mommy wear high heel shoes when I went to college. I was 17 years old that time. I guess this little girl of mine is way different and advance from her Mommy.

How about you? Does your little girl try to wear your shoes too?

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