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My Victoria’s Secret coupons expired

I am planning to go drive to the mall today. I want to redeem my Victoria’s Secret coupons. I know that I received it in the mail couple weeks ago. I found them and when I check the dates, they already expired. I am so mad now.

my expired Victoria's Secret coupons

my expired Victoria’s Secret coupons

I do have the free panty and a $10 off to any bra. I always buy a new bra every month with that free panty. Some women love to shop with purse, shoes or dress. I love the intimates the most. It is my fault as I hide the coupons in one drawer in the kitchen. I should display the coupons where it is visible for me.

Bought this gray sandal

I love to wear sandals. I know that summer is over. I cannot resist this sexy gray sandals that I bought at Kohl’s. It was basically free because I use my $30 Kohl’s card coupon.

I cannot wait to wear this gray sandals with my silver dress

I cannot wait to wear this gray sandals with my silver dress

The sandal cost $24 and it was on sale. It goes perfectly with my silver dress as well. I have no clue when can I wear this sandal with my silver dress. The sandals have heels which help me to be taller. I just cannot wait to wear this. Maybe next summer when I go out with my girlfriends.

Do you like to wear heels?

I admit I love heels. The only problem is I do not know how to walk with heels. I am use to wear sneakers or flip-flops. I have few collections of heels with me. I seldom wear them.

wearing heels in front of my car

wearing heels in front of my car

Today I wear a heels for few minutes. I am a member of this biggest fans of Fifty Shades of Grey the movie. There is an ongoing game right on that Facebook page. Everyday there is a theme. There is also points. Whoever will reach 50 points first will win a Fifty Shades of Grey shirt. I already have a “LATERS BABY red shirt with me. The game is so fun to join.

Today’s theme is wearing a heels and a picture of you. It is worth three (3) points. Here is my entry in today. I am wearing a blue heels in front of my Chevrolet Malibu 2013 car.