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Mixing Up Your Alcoholic Drinks with a Little Hydration

You love to have a drink to relax, whether you are having your first cocktail of the evening after a long day at work, enjoying a romantic evening, or gathering with friends. What you don’t need is an overload of calories or the dehydration that can leave you with a hangover in the morning. If you don’t want that headache that will have you dragging the next day and you want to stay trim, low carb alcoholic cocktails offer you a welcome alternative. You can drink up, be responsible, and enjoy the advantages of adding more hydration to every drink.

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Have Your Water with Your Drink Instead of After

Drinking plenty of water before and after you indulge in alcoholic beverages is a best kept secret. When you hydrate your body, you diminish the negative effects that come with alcohol. You might not realize it, but every time you have a drink, it has an impact on the levels of electrolytes in your body. When your body is deprived of these vital nutrients, you become dehydrated. It is the lack of hydration that makes you feel so bad when you have had too much to drink. You can compensate for this problem by adding VLiNG o your cocktails. VLiNG is a carbonated water that cuts out the extras. You won’t get sugar, caffeine, or carbs. You do have refreshing flavors, such as pomegranate and citrus, to enhance your favorite blends of alcohol. Choose from soda water or tonic water as well. Each time you add the power of VLiNG to your drinks, you will give your body a boost of electrolytes, making your drinking experience much more positive.

Try a Variety of Drinks Mixed with VLiNG

If you love vodka, but want to make it gentler on your body, a VLiNGtini adds cranberry pomegranate VLiNG to the mix, along with pomegranate liqueur and orange vodka. If a Mojito is more your style, substitute it with a VLiNGjito. You’ll need your favorite rum, mint leaves, blueberries, lime juice, blue agave nectar, and VLiNG tonic water. If you really want to keep your cool, try a VLiNG Cucumber. This blend of cucumber water, gin, lime, cucumber, blue agave nectar, and VLiNG soda water will slide right down. Try experimenting with your favorite drinks. The main goals is to give yourself the hydration you need to enhance your drinking experience.

How girl’s night out is fun with Primp & Prep

This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.

Our groups of Filipino women are all married. Once in a while we have girl’s night out with just all the women. It is fun when we are all together having fun at the club. Our youngest Mom is in her 20’s. We have to make sure that we take care of her too. Most of us are in our 30’s. Some are in their 40’s. There is also one in her 50’s. When you see us having fun, you will never know our ages. We are having fun and that what matter most.

I am the only one who lives from them. I live in the country side. Most of them live in the city.
Preparing for myself is not easy especially I have the family to take care first. I have to make sure that I know what to wear for the night. Untitled
I know that I am not fun of wearing make-up. The Hpnotiq helps me a lot. The tips really help me on how to feel beautiful. I want to the best night out. Spending time with just the women, makes you feel happy and have the blasts even it happens once a month. Family is important. You have to make sure too that you spend time with yourself and having fun with your friends. We can share how our family is and what is new with us.
I cannot wait to spend time with my friends. It has been awhile since we have our ladies night out. It feels awesome to just let your hair down music up! and enjoys the night. Untitled-1I know that most of our women drink. I do not drink but it does not mean I will not have the fun, right? I could take one sip of champagne for the night.
What about you? Do you spend night out with your friends? Are you having problem what to wear? What make-up to apply? Please check out the Primp & Prep website.
UntitledYou will find anything you want to know to have the best night in your life. Please make sure that you must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.

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How to keep the beer gut out from having to our men

I was watching Dr. Oz show yesterday. There is a segment about the beer gut. These are the ways to keep the beer gut out from our men. First, make sure our men drink dark beer. It has the small calories than the light beer. Make sure that when they eat barbeque they use hot sauce. When they are having snacks with their beer, pistachio is the best partner for the beer. I notice that my husband’s beer gut is getting huge. He missed working for almost two months. He is not getting exercise as he must thank working. Does your man has a beer gut? What do you think of these tips? Please let me know if it works on your men. Let us keep our men healthy.