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Redeemed my Victoria’s Secret coupons

I have the four Victoria’s Secret coupons with me that will expire in few weeks. I want to redeem and grab the freebies. I have two $10 off for bras, two coupons for free undies. Unfortunately, one coupon is only available if you buy online. I end up using three coupons instead.

 photo victorias secret_zpsjkolw7n3.jpg

The store also has a promo that week. You get the free hat and scarf set valued at $75 free if you buy two bras which I plan to do. I bought two bras each cost $39.95 but and use the two $10 off with me. I end up paying $29.95 each for bra. I also got the free undies. I also got a free reward cards if you use your credit card exclusively from that store. I do not used my credit card for a while but using it since last month. I have $50 credit last month which is already paid by my husband who also loves my goodies from Victoria’s Secret.

I love the Victoria’s Secret store. It is my greatest guilty pleasure. There are many stuff to buy. I only like their intimates. I like the lace bra the most. I also found an underwear that co√∂rdinates the color of the bra. Overall, I am happy with my purchases.

I am loving this necklace breast cancer charm sets from Glamulet

One more day and breast cancer awareness month will be over. Until now doctors is still searching for cure for breast cancer. It is a very deadly disease. Sometimes the best cure is to pray for all the survivors and fighters of breast cancer. One way also is to support campaign like from Glamulet . Please do not forget that every purchase of their breast cancer charm, 50% will donated to help fund the breast cancer search. You still can help when you purchase from their website to support Glamulets Breast Cancer Campaign .

 photo glamulet set_zps68gcu21a.jpg

I am fortunate that I received this necklace and breast cancer charm set. It looks so beautiful. I really LOVED it. I am so proud to wear it and think of my eldest sister who is a breast cancer survivor. The necklace is adjustable for desired length. The breast cancer is so pretty in pink. I know that just like me, you will love this necklace and breast cancer charm set.

 photo glamulet set A_zpsar27qtcu.jpg
 photo glamulet set B_zpsahxsfyki.jpg

If you love jewelry and accessories, why not check their website, Facebook , Twitter , Google Plus, Pinterest and You Tube for more information.


I received the necklace and breast cancer charm set for free from being a member of BrandBacker. I did not receive any compensation. All my thoughts and opinions are 1005 honestly mine.


She looks better wearing her Mommy’s reading eyeglasses

It was last month when I started using a reading eyeglasses especially reading the paperback. I guess my eye sight is not sharp anymore. I am almost 42 years old. By the way this reading eyeglasses is 1.00 which is the smallest grade.

Wearing her Mama's reading eyeglasses

Wearing her Mama’s reading eyeglasses

I ask my summer babe to please bring my reading eyeglasses. She wear my reading eyeglasses before she handed it to me. I am surprised that she looks way better than her Mommy’s reading eyeglasses. I think she looks adorable? What do you think?

She is not wearing any reading eyeglasses despite she likes to read like her Mommy. She also likes to play in her Kindle for a long time. I told her to relax her eyes after playing her Kindle. I do not want her to wear any reading eyeglasses.