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I bought a Pink new reading eyeglasses

I could not find my old black reading eyeglasses. I know I put it somewhere. I went to Wal-Mart and bought myself a new pair.

I bought a pink new reading eyeglasses

I bought a pink new reading eyeglasses

This time I bought pink. My first reading eyeglasses is black. Ironically, it is the same style and color with my husband which drives him crazy when he accidentally grab mine.

The reading eyeglasses cost almost $6 which I think is not bad.

I love the case too.

I love the case too.

It also comes with a protective case to keep your eyeglasses safe.

Of course, my summer babe wants to wear it too. I told her that I will by her a fashion eyeglasses next time I went to the mall.

My summer babe looks so grown up with her Mommy's new reading eyeglasses.

My summer babe looks so grown up with her Mommy’s new reading eyeglasses.

She likes to wear eyeglasses for some reason. I told her I was 41 when I am started wearing reading eyeglasses. I do not want you to ruin your eyes at nine years old. She only wear my reading eyeglasses for few seconds.

She looks better wearing her Mommy’s reading eyeglasses

It was last month when I started using a reading eyeglasses especially reading the paperback. I guess my eye sight is not sharp anymore. I am almost 42 years old. By the way this reading eyeglasses is 1.00 which is the smallest grade.

Wearing her Mama's reading eyeglasses

Wearing her Mama’s reading eyeglasses

I ask my summer babe to please bring my reading eyeglasses. She wear my reading eyeglasses before she handed it to me. I am surprised that she looks way better than her Mommy’s reading eyeglasses. I think she looks adorable? What do you think?

She is not wearing any reading eyeglasses despite she likes to read like her Mommy. She also likes to play in her Kindle for a long time. I told her to relax her eyes after playing her Kindle. I do not want her to wear any reading eyeglasses.