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My eldest sister Jovy is my family member feature

isn't she beautiful?

She is my half-eldest sister. We both have the same mother. My mother got married to her Muslim dad but they got separated. Why do I feature her? There are so many reasons. She was a teen-mom at a young age. We take care of my niece when she was a baby. She grew up with us. My sister is a cultural dancer in Japan.

when she goes therapy

She is very smart but sometimes life take turn in a wrong way. She got married to a foreigner but they got divorced. Now she is married to a French guy who loves her unconditionally.

My eldest sister was diagnosed with a breast cancer stage one. Luckily with God’s mercy and healing, she is now a breast cancer survivor for three or four years now. She was very strong while undergoing the critical process of her therapy. I think that is how I get my being strong-willed.

I pray to GOD that she will always guide and protect her all the time. She is also my daughter’s God-mother which is just right. People say she is very strict but I would say, get to know the real her. She is just the sweetest sister and friend you can have. I love her to pieces. It does not matter if we are only half-sister. She has been through tough times in her life. She deserves the best. She is my hero and will always be.

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How to have a clear music on the run way

Do you like to dance while you are on the run way? Perhaps singing to the back ground music? Do you wonder why the back ground music from the fashion show is so clear? It is because of the audio buddy the management use. How I wish we have this sound system back I was in my home town. I am sure that it is fun dancing with my friends.

You can also use this on your computer too. It is great to use to hear the music so clear while you are online. Are you looking for ways to make the sound of your computer better? You should check the Website for the music and accessories too.

Purple dress given by her Aunt

My little K received this beautiful purple dress on her 4th birthday. It did not fit on her. When she was four years, she wears size five already. I have no clue why her Aunt (my sister-in-law) gave her the size four. I usually give clothes the next size every time I give a gift. I think she thought that it will fit on her niece. I do not know what to do with this dress. I cannot send it to my nieces overseas as it is a long sleeve dress. I think I will sell it on EBay. What do you think? Do you have any purple to share? You can join us here. I am linking this entry to Crazy Over Purple Saturdays.