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Guest post by Jewel Cole

It seems like there are a good few home security companies to consider. I really did not realize the number of companies and offerings there are. I really thought there were just a handful of companies that provided home security systems. Now, it is going to make my decision that much harder! I am already bad at making decisions. I have always been the most indecisive person, whether it is a sweater, a car or just an activity for the night, I definitely do not like to make the decision. I think it is because I grew up in a large family. We needed someone to be the voice of compromise and I ended up being that voice. While it definitely helped out for our family dynamic, it has not really helped out in the real world! I keep telling myself to be more assertive, but it is harder than it seems for me. I guess it will take time to get that attitude where I can just tell people exactly what I want. Maybe this security system business should be my first step. We will see I guess.

Got this $50 Kohl’s gift card


I am very happy that it finally arrives in the mail. I was waiting for this for a long time. Do you know where I get this gift card? I got this from my online task. I picked this gift card as I like to shop at Kohl’s. What I am going to use for this? I know I need pajamas. It is too warm to wear my winter pajamas. I think of buying shorts pajamas or maybe lingerie that is perfect for spring. I will use it for myself this time. I always buy for my kids. I need a spring makeover with my pajamas. What about you? How do you use your gift card?

Flawless face from Tanda

Acne Light Treatment
Via: Tanda Skincare

How I wish that I have flawless face. Unfortunately, I have freckles as I am getting older. Being born from a tropical country where sun is unlimited makes your skin expose from the sun rays. How I wish that I know how to take care of it. I hope it is not too late. Do you have the same problem as mine? Do you want to have a flawless face? I guess everybody wants to have a flawless face? We should check out tanda for the best solutions of our face problem. I have an oily type of skin. I hope that they have available for every type of skin. I cannot wait to learn about their beauty products.