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Push-up bra top

I know it is spring here in America. Yet our weather is being crazy again. Where the mild temperatures like the 70’s from the last weeks are going? It is 40’s right now according to our thermostat behind the kitchen window. I received a Victoria’s Secret magazine in the mail yesterday. I found this push-up bra top which I really like. It is slim fit. It has under wire cups and padded for extreme lift. It is halter and ties at neck. I always love this style. I prefer it myself. It has sexy wrap front. I think of buying this for my upcoming vacation. What about you, what kind of top do you like?

Safety first by wearing helmets

Fashion models have driving shoots sometimes. They are so versatile with their jobs. Despite being a model, safety always comes first by wearing protection for their heads. I see pictures of models wearing helmets in the magazines or in the billboard. They look more beautiful by wearing it. I wonder if it is from scorpion motorcycle helmets because they look so comfy in them. They also have available in different colors. It also comes in different accessories that you are looking for. Everybody deserves a fashionable looks even when driving a motorcycle. Safety is important when driving and you can rely on this one.

My flip-flops from Delias


One of my friends shares me the Website from Delias. I am glad that she did. I check it out and bought some coats, accessories and this flip-flop. The weather is been warm lately. I need flip-flops that I could use while outside. I love this design. It has flower which is perfect for spring. It has pink straps too which is my favorite color. I will definitely shop again at Delias. They also give me $25 gift card as a thank you for shopping at their Website. I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays. If you are looking for some bargains, check out for affordable prices.