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Sparkly beautiful nail polish from Kiss Gradation

My husband is very lucky that I am not a high maintenance wife. I love simplicity that is the way I brought up. I want to keep it that way. I just love being myself. There are times that I want to try things to spice a bit.

beautiful and sparkly nail polish from Kiss Gradation

I am thankful that I received a package and the nail polish included in the box. It is from Kiss gradation nail polishes. There are three nail polishes to apply. I really love the color. It is perfect especially in the New Year. It is sparkly and beautiful.

beautiful and sparkly nail polish from Kiss Gradation

I tried to apply it in my left hand just to see how it looks in my finger nails. I really like it. I think it looks beautiful. Of course I did not do a great job applying them on my nails. I am proud of myself despite how it looks on my nails. Do you know who like the Kiss nail polish the most? Yes! You guess that right. It is my little girl. She likes to put nail polish. I will apply it on her nails one weekend when there is no school.

beautiful and sparkly nail polish from Kiss Gradation

What do you think I did with the nail polish?

I won nail polish and lip gloss from a giveaway contest

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Mommy Genny is the host of the giveaway. This was my second time winning from her giveaway. The first time was from Christmas and now from lasts month. I won a set of scented candy flavors nail polish and a lip gloss. She shipped it faster too. Thank you Mommy Genny, do appreciate it. I give the nail polish to my little girl because she likes her nails being polish. She likes all the girly stuff. She is partner with her Daddy in terms of beauty stuff. These are their pictures. Aren’t they adorable? Do you like to join a giveaway? The mechanics are easy to follow. It is either you like their Facebook page or follows their Twitter. I hope that you will join next time. You never know you are one lucky winner. I am linking this entry to Ruby Tuesday 2.


Bought some nail polish for my little girl

This little girl is very opposite of her Mom. I think that is it adorable that she wants her nail polish. We went to the mall and stop by at Children’s Place store. She found these sets of nail polish. She asks her Daddy to put them on her nails. It is fun to watch them having fun together. She likes her nails better now. She always washes her hands that the nail polish will not stay longer. I have the feeling that we will need a new nail polish. Oh a girl always wants to have the fun? Do you allow your little girl to have her nail polish?