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How to look young and healthy

Embrace Aging with Grace and Style

The thought of aging can be overwhelming. The first gray hairs and slight lines on the face can send you into a tail spin, but aging doesn’t have to be a struggle. It is actually possible to embrace the process with style and grace. All you need is some tips and tricks that not only help prevent excessive aging but allow you to look your best no matter how old you are.

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Maintaining Youthful Hair

You probably know that a few gray hairs will eventually come your way, but you will also find the texture of your hair can change. Both issues are easy to fix. Gray hair can be camouflaged with basic hair color. If you don’t like having your roots showing, try highlighting techniques that blend in as they grow out. Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for aging hair to keep it soft and manageable.

Glowing Skin

You may have been able to get by with little more than soap and water for years, but now is the time to think about moisturizing. Invest in a good cleanser that can be followed with an intense moisturizer to prevent lines and wrinkles. Don’t forget the neck. The best turkey neck cream like Neckplex can be found at your local beauty supplier or online from the Neck Cream Center.

Make-Up for the Ages

It is natural for eye, hair, and skin tones to lighten with age. If you insist on using the same make-up as you did in your teens, you will actually make yourself appear older. Choose products with moisturizing properties in a shade lighter than you used to wear. Skip the bright red lipstick for a deep pink or use pastel nudes rather than the dark shades of a smoky eye.

Dress for Success

You don’t want to be that person that looks like a teenager from behind but shocks you when they turn around. Dressing in clothing that is way too young for you creates that shock effect. When expecting a teen, that beautiful, youthful women’s face can suddenly seem ancient. You don’t have to jump directly into Grandma’s sweater, but look for shorts that are slightly longer. Choose a sleeveless top rather than a tank.

Women of any age can be beautiful and stylish. The trick is to know how to take care of yourself from head to toe. Put the above advice into place to help slow down the aging process and make the most of each and every stage of life.

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Trying Tease Me Sephora make up set inspired from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

I admit at age 41, I am still not a fan of wearing make-up. I like my face natural as i could. There are times that I play with the make-up. It is not easy applying the cosmetics when you have no clue how to apply it on your face properly.

Tease Me make up inspired from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

Tease Me make up inspired from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey

I usually wear a lipstick and a lip gloss. I love the dark colors. It is because it suit my skin color. Recently I bought this make up set from Sephora. It is called Tease Me inspired from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

learning how to try different shades of lip stick

learning how to try different shades of lip stick

These make up are limited edition. There three different kinds that you choose to buy from. There is a lip stick which I bought. There is also for the cheeks. The big box is the collection of all the make up. I wanted to buy the big box but I figure I will not use them. I just bought the Tease Me instead.

The lip stick is red. I am not sure if I really like it or match with my skin color. It did not make me itch which is a greatest thing. How do you think I look? Does red color suits my skin color?