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How I wish I could wear this sexy lingerie that my husband gave me

It was a birthday gift from my husband. It is very sexy lingerie. I like it but how I wish I still have the body to show it to him. I could probably wear it when we first met. Back then I do not have a gut yet. I am still lucky that my stomach is stretch marks free beside giving birth normally to two kids. I could not show the picture of the lingerie because it is very sexy. I do not know what he thinks with that gift. Men loves fantasy but too bad I also have my monthly period. Maybe it will give me a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight but I doubt it.

Not A Nighties Lover

I prefer to wear shorts or pants when I go to bed. I have nighties but never wear them. Lasts night was very warm and I tried my nighties for the first time. It does not feel awkward. I should wear my nighties more often so I get use to it. What about you? Do you like to wear nighties or any sexy lingerie when you go to bed?