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A beautiful cake for the gathering

I have a small group of Filipino friends that I considered my best girl friends. Our kids grew up together. Most of our kids were friends when they were babies. We celebrated a Christmas party just for our group. Ms. J brought this beautiful delicious cake. It completes our celebration lasts week. I wish that our group will stay remains and will stay stronger for the year 2012. I am linking this entry to Yummy Sunday .

A great movie to watch with my girl friends

Last May of 2010, all my girl friends watched the movie “Sex and the city”. It was a funny movie. I laughed out loud while watching it in the movie theater. We all had the fun and it was a great movie. I am also thankful that one of my girl friends husband watched the kids while we are in the movie. I wish we could watch another movie again. I also bought a copy of the movie for myself. I always do that if I love the movie. I have to make sure I love to collect my favorite movies. I am sharing this to Reel Weekends.


Comfortable and simple clothes brings the real me

I love being simple and that is the real me. I love to wear comfortable and simple clothes. I love to wear dress especially when I go to church. I love to wear party dress too. Usually, I wear tops and jeans and my sneakers. I love to wear boots but am still adjusting my foot when I am driving. What about you? How do you look your best? I am linking this entry to Girls Talk.

that is me with a pink top

I am in the middle