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My son had a hair cut

It was the weekend before the kids will go back to school after their week of winter break. My son needs a new hair cut. He really needs it very badly as his hair is getting longer especially the side burns. I am glad that he agreed with us.

my son had a new hair cut

The Daddy drove him to the saloon. They found a new saloon where it is not crowded. It is also cheap for a kid’s hair cut. It cost $10 for our son’s hair cut. I like his new hair cut. Now he looks like a big boy and handsome indeed. What do you think? He is just like me, his hair grows too fast as well. He has a very thick hair. I am glad that he is not bald when he grows up because he has a very thick hair.

Time for a hair cut at Regis Saloon

My hair is getting long. It is time for a hair cut. I usually go to the cheap salon for a hair cut. Sometimes
the saloon is pack with customers especially over the weekend. You really can save especially if you have a
coupon. You have to wait at an hour before you can have your hair cut done. I do not know if you can wait for
that long. Can you?

I go to Regis Saloon which is few dollars more. They take care of you right away. They accept walk-ins. I had
my hair permed in Regis saloon. It was my first time to have a curly hair. It did not take longer before my
hair is back to straight. My kids need hair cut too especially my son. How I wish there is a coupon available
so we can save money?

What about you? Where do you get your hair cut? Did you try Regis salo

How often do you have a hair cut?

My hair grows very fast. I do like long hair but my husband wants me to have a short hair. He said I look beautiful with short hair. Where do you have your hair cut? I usually go to SUPER CUTS saloon in the area. It is cheap. I do have a short hair now and I could use this coupon too. You have to wait because usually they have many customers. Summer is her officially here in America. I am sure that most people will have their hair cut.

I gave the coupon to my husband two days ago. He said he wants to have a hair cut. He did not used the coupon and have his hair cut to the other saloon which is expensive but you do not have to wait. He looks younger with his new hair cut.