Our brown flip-flops

This is my little girl and my flip-flops. It is about time to let our feet smell the fresh air outside. They been covered by socks for many months. It has been warm here in New York lately. We love our weather. The kids need new slippers. I need to buy them water shoes too if we are going to the beach this year. The ones they had last year is too small on them. I have to shop them new flip-flops. How is the weather in your area? Is it spring already? Tomorrow is the official day of spring. I am linking this entry to Thursday Brownies.


Botox to help with your beauty

Being beautiful sometimes fade. We need help to keep us being beautiful. There are times that even if we eat healthy foods and exercise, our beauty will never stay forever. We tend to do everything to keep us healthy. We take care of our face day and night. We use different beauty products with our face problem. Sometimes it gets worst when you apply the wrong facial products to your faces.

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Ruby in pink gown



Does your kid likes to watch Max and Ruby on TV? Then you know what Ruby is I am talking about, right? My kids like to watch Max and Ruby on our kids in demand channel. It is part of Nick’s TV program. This is one of their favorite shows to watch together. Usually, it is the little girl who watches it. Yesterday, we watched Max and Ruby Live at the theater. Ruby is wearing this beautiful pink gown. She has many choices of colors of gown to pick from. I am thankful that she picked pink indeed. It is perfect for Pink Fridays; that is why I am linking it. I am also linking this to #76 of #366 Blog Photo Challenge.