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My latest Victoria’s Secret shopping

It was last weekend that I took a drive to the shopping mall by myself. The husband is home and will bring the kids to the ATV store. I have a free time by myself. I have coupons from Victoria’s Secret that I want to redeem before it will expire. It is so traffic driving during the weekend. It drives me nuts but I have to keep my cool to reach to the mall. The drive is between 25-30 minutes.

 photo vs-3.jpg

I have a coupon for a $10 off for a bra purchase. I also a coupon of a free underwear. I bought this racer-back bra and use my $10 off. The free underwear is hip hugger in style. I pick black as I love wearing the color. I paid $19.50 for the bra after the $10 off.

I love to buy more colors of racer back bra. I pick this color as it is unique. I have a pink color. I want to buy more colors like bra, nude and white. I hope to get free coupons next month from Victoria’s Secret.
How about you? Have you been to Victoria’s Secret lately?

My latest Victoria’s Secret shopping

Photobucket I shop at Victoria’s Secret last week with my kids. It was not an easy shop. My son is getting tired after our last two stores shopping before this. He has no choice but has to come with his Mommy. I have to use my coupons as they are about to expire that day. I have a $10 off, a 10% off to any bra and a free back lace underwear. I bought this brown brassière and match it with the underwear. I also bought a new lipstick and eye shadows. I seldom wear cosmetics. I know I need this cosmetic. I also have another $10 off from taking a survey which will work if you buy a $50 worth of products. What about you? Do you like to shop at Victoria’s Secret? Do you use a coupon too? I am linking this entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge .

On his last pair of underwear

My husband is complaining that he has last pair of underwear. Oh boy! It means the wife is not doing the laundry. It gives me an idea on what to give him for Christmas. I know he does not like to receive any gifts for the holiday. What kind of underwear does your husband or boyfriend likes? My husband likes to wear boxers. He said he is more comfortable wearing them than the briefs. Do you have a special brand that you can recommend? I know my husband is not picky. Since it is Christmas, I want to give him something special. What do you think? Do you give your husband underwear too?