My latest Victoria’s Secret shopping

It was last weekend that I took a drive to the shopping mall by myself. The husband is home and will bring the kids to the ATV store. I have a free time by myself. I have coupons from Victoria’s Secret that I want to redeem before it will expire. It is so traffic driving during the weekend. It drives me nuts but I have to keep my cool to reach to the mall. The drive is between 25-30 minutes.

 photo vs-3.jpg

I have a coupon for a $10 off for a bra purchase. I also a coupon of a free underwear. I bought this racer-back bra and use my $10 off. The free underwear is hip hugger in style. I pick black as I love wearing the color. I paid $19.50 for the bra after the $10 off.

I love to buy more colors of racer back bra. I pick this color as it is unique. I have a pink color. I want to buy more colors like bra, nude and white. I hope to get free coupons next month from Victoria’s Secret.
How about you? Have you been to Victoria’s Secret lately?

3 thoughts on “My latest Victoria’s Secret shopping

  1. jheylo

    Surely worth the drive 😀 I have to go to VS store too but i don’t have to drive that far, it’s like 10-15 minutes drive from our location. I need to use my $10 coupon and get my free stuff from them too 😀

  2. Bless

    Yep I love VS and the discounts I get too, especially the freebies 🙂 Got me two bras and undies too with my 2 $10 off and free panty 🙂 It’s fun to shop when you can score a great deal.

  3. Rcel

    No recent VS trip for me yet! Neither the husband nor I am interested to drive to the store which is 30 minutes far because we got lots of stores here that has what we need that’s why I prefer shopping for VS online. Which is good too kay magsige lang ko kagasto ug duol ko sa VS store. Lol. I don’t like to buy VS bras as they’re too expensive for me. I buy panties though as they’re just affordable for me. 😀


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