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My free pink Victoria’s Secret getaway bag

Photobucket Y es! I got it for free from Victoria’s Secret promo. The only thing you do to get this free pink Victoria’s Secret getaway bag is make sure you order worth of $75 products. I think for me is still a great deal. This bag alone cost $75 so why not take advantage of it, right? I like the bag because I love the pink color. The bag is so spacious. It is too bad that Victoria’s Secret did not have this promo before my flight to the Philippines. I am sure this bag will not return to me. Have you shop to Victoria’s Secret lately? What freebies did you get? I am linking this entry to Pink Fridays .

My beauty routine products

Photobucket These are the products that I used while I was in the Philippines. There is a cream, sunscreen, night cream and anti-aging products to keep my face so clean. I am very happy with the result. I want to say thank you to my dearest friend for recommending me with the dermatologist. It was worth a penny. My face is so clean and free of any blemishes. I do not use the ointment anymore. The sunscreen is very important. The night cream is to apply before I go to bed. The other cream is once for a week. I am linking this entry to 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

She needs dress sandals

I know that my little girl has the sandals at home.

I am sure that her Daddy accidentally throws the sandals.
We were cleaning the closets and we put all the footwear in a black bag. Now she does not have the sandal that goes with her dress. I am looking to buy her sandals that go with her dress. These are some sandals that I like. She really needs sandals especially for our trip next week. I know that I still have a week to buy her sandals. What about you? Does your little girl likes to wear sandals? Where do you buy her sandals?